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World Mental Health Day

Richard met Stuart Bell, Chief Executive Officer of Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, at the Warneford Hospital.

Per person, spending on mental healthcare in Oxfordshire is among the lowest in the country.

Reflecting on World Mental Health Day, Richard praised the work of mental healthcare professionals at Warneford, but called for more investment in wellbeing and mental health in the area, particularly for young people.

"Friends of mine have lost years of their lives - or even lost their lives - because of mental ill health".

"Anxiety, depression, eating disorders, perinatal disorders and PTSD - these often debilitating conditions are every bit as harmful as physical illnesses, but they are still not treated with the same urgency and seriousness. The taboos are breaking down at last, but here in Oxfordshire the support we can offer people with mental health conditions is still not good enough".

"Chronic under-funding for mental healthcare and rising demand here in Oxfordshire have conspired to leave people suffering without proper help. It is time to take mental health seriously in schools, in the workplace and in our communities and to increase funding for mental healthcare in our area".

"I was delighted to meet Stuart Bell and to hear about the great work and ambitious plans he and his team are responsible for. Now it is time to match their skill with decent investment".

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