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Richard supports the Renewables Manifesto

Dr Richard Benwell, Liberal Democrat candidate in Wantage and Didcot today confirmed his support for RenewableUK's 'Renewables Manifesto'.

"We must take decisive action to tackle our climate emergency," he said.

"It's a global issue with local answers. Here in Wantage, we have some brilliant companies like Ricardo, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, RPS Group Plc and CgMs Ltd that can help create a green, clean economy. As part of the offshore wind, onshore wind, storage, tidal stream and wave renewable industries, they are all working on technologies we need to achieve the Lib Dem pledge to generate 80% of our electricity from renewables by 2030.

"We also have some fantastic community initiatives in the area like Westmill Wind and Solar Cooperatives, Southill Solar and Low-Carbon Hub. These show that local people can drive and share in the benefits of decarbonisation in harmony with nature.

"I completely agree with RenewableUK’s ‘Renewables Manifesto’, which will

  • ensure we build the renewable energy we need to achieve our net zero target,
  • maximise the economic potential of the industry, and
  • support those companies in the constituency that are making renewable energy their focus"



The ‘Renewables Manifesto’ has four main areas:

  • A new strategy for onshore wind

o   Onshore wind is the cheapest way to generate new clean energy, publicly popular, and a part of the Liberal Democrat strategy for tackling climate change. Building onshore wind capacity to the level the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) advise as a lowest cost route to reach net zero would save every household £50 a year on their energy bill and support 32,000 jobs across the UK.

  • A cross-Departmental strategy to continue the expansion of offshore wind

o   The UK has a world leading offshore wind industry, which is already on course to provide over a third of UK power and at least 27,000 jobs by 2030. There must be continued cooperation across Government and industry to expand the industry to meet the net zero target.

  • Invest in innovative renewable technologies to build new industries

o   The UK should maximise the economic benefits of the expanding global market in renewable energy by supporting the growth of innovative renewable technologies, developed in the UK, such as a floating offshore wind, wave and tidal stream.

  • Support a modern, flexible energy system by reforming Ofgem’s remit to include the UK’s net zero target

o   Unlike the Government Departments, who have all adapted their targets following the passing of the Net Zero Bill, Ofgem continues to operate without consideration for RenewableUk's decarbonisation target. All political parties should rectify this by reforming Ofgem’s remit.


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